Do not show Test cases in Jira Backlog

One of the great Jira Test Management Add-On is Zephyr. Using it you can easily create, view and execute test cases. Plus connect test cases to stories and generate the test summary report, which makes it really powerfull on daily basis for each Software Development Team.

But one of the thing which could be a bit annoying at the very beginning is that newsly created test vases are visible the in Backlog by default. This leads to situation when you will have a mixture of issues (features, bugs, etc.) and test cases in one list, and something which could be a bit confusing when it comes to tasks prioritization.

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Visual Basic for Applications for Beginners - Part 1: First Procedure

The following tutorial is dedicated to all Excel professionals who are looking for solutions to optimize their daily work. There are more and more data to be processed every day in relatively short period of time, and here comes for help the Visual Basic for Applications. 

Visual Basic is programming language helping you to 'speak' with the computer in an efficient way. You can treat it as any other language with its own dictionary and set of commands. Going through the next parts of this course you will learn how to use it efficiently, in a similar way we are learning the grammar at school. Even if something will not be so obvious at the begging don’t be worry, we will clarify everything step by step in next parts of this tutorial. So, let's start!

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Scrumban - a compromise between Scrum and Kanban

With the Agile thinking and approach to project management Scrum and Kanban becomes really popular nowadays. But adaptation of both shows to some teams that something is not working - Scrum is too strict, while Kanban is not structured enough. Here comes the need of something new. The mixture of Scrum and Kanban leads to the methodology called Scrumban. Let's have a closer look on it in a key aspects: roles, meetings and artifacts.


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How to become productive developer

How many times you've been thinking about better organization of your daily work? Starting from really basic stuff like tea time ending with automatic scripting work repeated frequently. Let me share a short list of improvements I've found thinking on that. Maybe you've got some other ideas?

 Keep calm and be productive

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Tweak your application with ETags

The ETag or Entity Tag is a part of HTTP protocol used for caching purposes. In the simplest way ETags are strings that help browser to identify and validate cache.

Sample ETag request and response

Like almost everything the ETags can be inefficient while configured incorrectly. So let's have a closer look at them..

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